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Workshop Terms and Conditions

All one day and two day workshops are to be paid online, in full and in advance to reserve your place. By making a payment for any of my workshops you agree to abide by my terms and conditions. 

There will be a specific list for the workshop of what is included and what you are required to bring. There maybe an extra cost for materials required on the day which you are notified in advance on the website bookings.

I reserve the right to make any amendments to workshops, courses and their requirements. I will notify you if you have booked and it affects you.



Workshops and course bookings are non refundable.

However, in the event of a genuine medical emergency I will use my discretion with regard to a partial refund.

I will need four weeks notice for the cancellation of workshops and classes that I have been invited too. After this period, I will send an invoice asking for the full amount of the workshop.


I reserve the right to change the pricing of workshops and goods at any time. 


In the unlikely event of having to cancel a workshop or course with either myself or a guest tutor at my studio, I will give a full refund within 28 days of the workshop date.

I am only liable for the cost of the workshop or course if they are cancelled at my studio. I am not liable for materials purchased  in advance for the workshops or courses. I am also not liable for any travel and accommodation costs made by the student.



All students should wear comfortable shoes and clothing, I suggest not your best ones as the use of paint, glue etc may be used, materials that may damage or stain your clothes. I am not liable for any damage to your clothing, shoes, bags etc.

Soldering Irons and other burning tools may be used. Please let me know if you have respiratory problems so that I can provide a mask and make sure there is ventilation on the day.

I am not liable for any accidents or injuries that may happen during the workshop or course either in my studio or the grounds outside of it. Please assess your surroundings and take care. Do not leave bags etc on the floor where people can trip over. 

Please let me know in advance of the workshop or course, if you have any DIETARY REQUIREMENTS and FOOD ALLERGIES



I am not liable for any of your equipment i.e sewing machines breaking down on my premises.



Please arrive promptly at the workshop or course as there is always so much to fit in on the day and I don't want anyone to miss out. The studio will be open 15 minutes before starting the workshop or course. Check the details of the workshop for timings.



My designs, photography, materials, instructions , patterns and requirements given to you in a workshop or online are for your use only. You are prohibited to using them for your own commercial purposes including using them in your business, workshops, classes and courses.

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