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About Mellymade Designs

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I love to share my textile knowledge with you.

I currently teach textile and mixed media workshops for all abilities and give talks to groups all around the country and beyond.

I can come to your group to talk about:

My Textile Journey So Far...

This is a talk about the journey through my life’s work as a  textile artist – from where I started, to my practice today. This autobiographical talk charts my quest to keep textile traditions alive, including works by my mother that were my first inspiration, key pieces I have created throughout my career and projects I am currently developing.


Indian Textile Adventures...

A journey into the places I have visited, the textiles and different techniques such as block printing, Indian embroideries , painting and materials used. 

Hi Everyone!


I am a British Textile Artist and Tutor. I have been working with textiles for over forty five years.  In the last fifteen years or so I have been teaching textile and mixed media workshops for beginners and advanced.

In 2015, I opened my very own studio in Cambridgeshire and I never looked back.

I love to pass my knowledge on as well as still learning new techniques myself.


I have a passion for all things floral and fauna as well as old arts and crafts such as Indian Block Printing and Indian Embroidery.   

Textiles and Stitching has taken me to places that I would never have dreamed of. I am fortunate enough to have become a tour leader with Aahilya Holidays which has enabled me to visit India twice in 2019 and again in January 2023. There was so much inspiration in all that I saw and I am now using some of it in my present work. I will be visiting again in March 2025, two weeks in Central India with me and then another two weeks exploring The Golden Triangle, co-leading with Alexandra Waylett. It would wonderful if you to join us with Aahilya Holidays.

I am a past Co-ordinator for Region 9 Quilters Guild. I set up the Elysian Quilters group in Ely, Cambridgeshire. I was chairman of Stitched Together (formerly Cambridgeshire Embroiderers' Guild) and joined a newly formed Contemporary Quilters Group, CQ Iceni which is affiliated with The Quilters Guild.

I am chuffed to have a piece of work published in the WOW book 5, and I also have had some other pieces printed in various stitching magazines.


 I hope what you see inspires you .  


Sit, Sew and Create!


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